XXX3 Easter 9

XXX3 Easter 9

Easter morn, a time of grace, As heaven meets our earthly place, The tomb is empty, the stone is rolled, A promise kept, a story told.

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The sky is blue, the flowers bloom, A sign that winter met its doom, A season of renewal and light, As day overtakes the night.

We gather with loved ones, far and near, To share a meal, and spread good cheer, To celebrate the One who rose, And overcame death’s bitter throes.

For in His death, He gave us life, And overcame our sin and strife, He offers love, and hope, and peace, And brings our wandering souls release.

So let us sing, and dance, and play, As we honor this Easter Day, And let our hearts be filled with joy, For He has risen! Hallelujah!

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