Hartman Hartman

Hartman Hartman

Hartman, Hartman, hear our song Of birth and life and death so long A journey that we all must make From the cradle to the grave

In the beginning, there was a cry As you drew your first breath, oh my A miracle of life, so bright and new A precious gift that came to you

As you grew, you learned to see The world around you, full of beauty You laughed and played, and made friends too And all the while, time just flew

But life is fleeting, and soon we find That we must leave it all behind And as we near our final breath We look back on the road we’ve tread

Hartman, Hartman, your time has come To leave this world and journey on But know that you will always be A cherished part of our memory

For in our hearts, you’ll live forever As we treasure all the times together And as we say goodbye, we’ll hold you tight And wish you peace on your final flight

So rest in peace, dear Hartman, rest And know that you were truly blessed For in your life, you touched so many And left a legacy that will never be forgotten

RIP . . .

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