Pretty Colors Yellow and Purple

Pretty colors bright and bold, Yellow, purple, worth their weight in gold. But today my heart feels blue, As I reflect on what I’ve been through.

Yellow, the color of the sun, Brings joy and warmth to everyone. But in my life, there’s been some pain, And yellow can’t seem to break the chain.

Purple, a hue of royalty, Is stunning in its majesty. But in my life, I feel no crown, Just endless darkness pulling me down., purple, yellow, black

So I sit here feeling low, As pretty colors come and go. But still, I can’t help but smile, As they make my world worthwhile.

For even in my darkest days, These hues of beauty light my way. And though I may be feeling down, Their brilliance helps to turn things around.

So here’s to yellow, purple too, And all the colors in our view. May they bring us hope and cheer, And help us find our way, year after year.

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