Stand Clear Three Two One

Clear One Two Three,, depression, sadness, intense pain
Clear One Two Three

Suicide and Depression. Life tragic reminders of pain.

People desire to live their lives to the fullest, and they will make every effort to overcome any obstacles, illnesses, or pain they might face. They generally don’t dwell on the difficulties that life presents, but rather, they try to persevere and push through these hardships.

However, not everyone shares this perspective. Some individuals may feel overwhelmed by their problems, leading them to contemplate taking their own lives prematurely, known as suicide. This can be challenging to understand for those who have never experienced such intense feelings of despair.

Clear One Two Three,, depression, sadness, intense pain

Even if someone has gone through depression and considered suicide, it might still be difficult to grasp the reasons behind these thoughts. Depression can be an intricate and deeply personal experience that isn’t always easy to explain.

Unfortunately, many families have been touched by the tragedy of suicide. The impact of losing someone to suicide can be felt deeply, whether or not the person was a blood relative. These events often leave loved ones questioning the nature of the pain their family member experienced and what could have led them to take such a drastic step.

Clear One Two Three,, depression, sadness, intense pain

For those who have struggled with depression and self-destructive behaviors, it’s essential to acknowledge and address these feelings. When living with depression, it may be challenging to discuss the root causes of one’s actions or emotions. Recognizing these feelings and seeking help to overcome them is a crucial step in the journey toward healing and self-improvement.

It’s important to remember that depression and suicidal thoughts are complex issues that may not always have a straightforward explanation. However, acknowledging and understanding these feelings can be a significant first step toward overcoming the challenges they bring.

Clear One Two Three,, depression, sadness, intense pain

A Journey Through the Shadows

In the maze of life, we strive to wander, Through challenges, pain, and rain we ponder, With every step, we seek the light, To live our lives, to conquer the night.

Yet, there are souls who tread a darker path, Whose hearts are heavy, bearing a silent wrath, They contemplate an early end to their strife, Unraveling the threads that tether them to life.

Depression’s grip, a shadow cold and deep, Whispers secrets in the heart to keep, A complex puzzle, a labyrinth so vast, The echoes of joy, a distant contrast.

Clear One Two Three,, depression, sadness, intense pain

Touched by the sorrow of life’s goodbye, We mourn the ones who chose to fly, A tragedy, a mystery we yearn to unveil, A quest to understand the pain they’d entail.

In the depths of despair, one may find, A glimmer of hope, a reason to unbind, Embrace the struggle, confront the fear, For only in the darkness, can the stars appear.

Seek the help, the guiding hand, To journey through the shadows, to understand, For when we face our demons, we break the chains, And emerge from the darkness, stronger through the pains.

Clear One Two Three,, depression, sadness, intense pain

Veterans Help Line

I struggle with depression and I also keep this number handy. Don’t know If I would call it. But, it’s nice knowing I have it on speed dial.

Thank you!

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