Ready For Summer’s Sunflowers

Summer’s Sunflowers

Golden petals stretched towards the sun, A field of sunflowers, summer’s begun. Their beauty brightens up the day, And makes us feel alive in every way.

The tallest stems reach to the sky, Their faces turn as the sun passes by. Petals soft as a summer’s breeze, A sight that puts our minds at ease.

The symbol of summertime they are, A vibrant reminder of how sweet life can be. They dance in fields of gold and green, Their beauty a sight that must be seen.

The birds and bees come out to play, Dancing in the fields all day. The sunflowers’ radiance can’t be ignored, Their beauty, a reminder to be adored.

In a world that can be grey and dull, Sunflowers shine bright, never to be null. Their beauty a symbol of hope and light, A reminder to cherish each summer day and night.

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