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Book Report Formula, chatGPT, BARD,

chatGPT, BARD and other new tools help with research and development. Better than search engines in that it can provide more specific information that you’re needing or interested in.

And, to help with that search and information gather you can build templates. Well sort of that is.

Book Report Formula And Template

this formula is a comprehensive way to approach a book report. It covers all major aspects of a book, allowing you to delve deep into the narrative. Let’s expand on each of these points a little bit to provide some additional guidance:

  1. Title: The name of the book. Sometimes, understanding why the author chose this title can offer insights into the book’s themes.
  2. Author: The person who wrote the book. Some background information on the author may be helpful to understand the context in which the book was written.
  3. Genre: The category or type of book. This could be fantasy, mystery, historical fiction, etc.
  4. Main Characters: Who are the primary characters in the story? What are their characteristics, motivations, and arcs throughout the story?
  5. Setting: Where and when does the story take place? This could be a real location or time period, or it could be a fictional one. The setting can play a significant role in shaping the story and the characters’ experiences.
  6. Plot: What is the main storyline? This should be a brief summary of the major events in the book.
  7. Theme: What are the underlying messages or lessons in the book? This could be about friendship, love, war, betrayal, etc.
  8. Symbolism: Does the author use any symbols to convey deeper meanings? These could be objects, characters, or events that have a symbolic significance beyond their literal interpretation.
  9. Literary devices: What techniques does the author use to tell the story? This could include things like foreshadowing, irony, metaphors, similes, alliteration, etc.
  10. Critical analysis: This is where you can dig deeper into the book. Consider the author’s writing style, how the characters were developed, the structure of the plot, etc. Were there any flaws or strengths?
  11. Thoughts and opinions: What did you think of the book? Did you enjoy it? Why or why not? Here, you can express your personal feelings and reactions to the book. Remember to substantiate your opinions with examples from the book.

To use this template copy all 11 items above and paste into chatGPT, BARD, or some other preferred tool. Or just download the file. It is a text file only.


Question to use: “Lets try this formula on a book I’ve liked: Title= Break Heart Pass”

Book Report Formula, chatGPT, BARD, ,Breakheart Pass

Book Report

“Breakheart Pass” is a novel by Alistair MacLean, a popular British author known for his thrilling adventure and spy stories. It was first published in 1974 and later made into a film. Here’s a book report based on the formula you provided:

Title: Breakheart Pass

Author: Alistair MacLean

Genre: Action, Adventure, Mystery

Main Characters:

  1. John Deakin – The protagonist who’s a federal secret agent in disguise.
  2. Governor Richard Fairchild – Governor of Nevada and Deakin’s main ally.
  3. Marica – Governor Fairchild’s attractive daughter and Deakin’s love interest.
  4. Reverend Peabody – A reverend who is not what he seems.

Setting: The story takes place primarily on a train crossing the Sierra Nevada mountains in the 1870s during winter.

Plot: A train carrying medical supplies and a small U.S. Army unit is heading towards Fort Humboldt, a frontier outpost where a diphtheria epidemic is reportedly raging. Among the passengers is John Deakin, who is under arrest. As the journey continues, passengers start to die or disappear under mysterious circumstances. Deakin, who is not a common prisoner but a secret agent in disguise, attempts to uncover the conspiracy on the train.

Theme: The main themes of the book are survival, deception, and courage. The plot focuses on the survival of the fittest in harsh conditions, the deceptive appearances of individuals, and the courage it takes to stand against a dangerous conspiracy.

Symbolism: The train and the harsh winter weather could symbolize isolation, a common environment in many thriller novels. The isolation heightens the sense of danger and urgency in solving the mystery.

Literary Devices: MacLean uses suspense and tension-building techniques to keep the reader engaged. He uses vivid descriptions to establish the chilling and isolated setting. There’s also use of dramatic irony; the readers know more about Deakin’s true identity than most characters in the book.

Critical Analysis: Breakheart Pass is a well-crafted mystery set in a unique and vividly described setting. MacLean successfully combines elements of mystery and action-adventure genres. However, some readers might find the characterization a bit shallow. The novel would have been enriched by delving deeper into the characters’ backgrounds and motivations.

Thoughts and Opinions: I enjoyed reading Breakheart Pass. It was a thrilling ride full of suspense and plot twists. I especially loved the unique setting of the story – the isolated, snow-covered mountains increased the tension and excitement of the plot. However, I wished for more in-depth characterization. The protagonist, John Deakin, is a fascinating character and learning more about his backstory would have made the narrative even more engaging.


Question to use: “Lets try this formula on a book I’ve liked: Title= Break Heart Pass”

Book Report Formula, chatGPT, BARD, ,Breakheart Pass

Book Report

Title: Breakheart Pass

Author: Alistair MacLean

Genre: Western/Mystery

Main Characters:

  • John Deakin, an outlaw on death row
  • Marshal Jim Evers, the man escorting Deakin to Fort Humboldt
  • Utah Governor Fairchild, a passenger on the train
  • Marcia Scoville, Fairchild’s mistress
  • Colonel Scoville, the commander of Fort Humboldt


  • The Rocky Mountains in the 1870s


A train carrying medical supplies and relief troops is dispatched to Fort Humboldt, where diphtheria has broken out. Also on board are Utah’s governor, his mistress, a marshal and his prisoner, outlaw John Deakin. As the train passes through the mountains, soldiers go missing, telegraph lines are cut and it’s discovered that there is no epidemic. There’s a conspiracy afoot, and it’s up to Deakin, actually a federal agent, to expose it.


The theme of Breakheart Pass is the importance of trust and cooperation. In order to survive, the characters must learn to trust each other and work together.


The train is a symbol of hope. It represents the possibility of a better future for the people of Fort Humboldt.

Literary devices:

MacLean uses a variety of literary devices in Breakheart Pass, including similes, metaphors, and personification.

  • Simile: “The train was like a snake slithering through the mountains.”
  • Metaphor: “The mountains were like a wall of rock.”
  • Personification: “The wind howled through the trees.”

Critical analysis:

Breakheart Pass is a well-written and suspenseful novel. The characters are well-developed and the plot is engaging. The book is a valuable addition to the Western genre.

Thoughts and opinions:

I really enjoyed Breakheart Pass. It was a suspenseful and exciting story with strong characters and a thought-provoking message. I would definitely recommend this book to anyone who enjoys Westerns or mystery novels.

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Results Are Fun

I hope this helps! As you can see both formulas return similar but differing results.

Simple templates that provide you with 80-90% of information your searching for definitely are time savors. Templates can be created for most things your working on.

I choose Alistair MacLean because my grandmother liked both him and Zane Gray. We can never forget to read and immerse ourselves into an adventure. 🙂

Book Report Formula, chatGPT, BARD, ,Reading for fun

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