A Dogs Life: What Do They See

A Dogs Life: What Do They See

My dog is goofy and fun. She has her moments. I often wonder what they think and how they see the world. So, here is how I think they do.

From the moment a dog wakes up, the world is its playground. Their day is full of smells, sounds, and sights that are as entrancing as they are mystifying. The jingle of the leash means it’s time for an adventure, every step outside an opportunity for exploration. Every fire hydrant is a Facebook post, every squirrel, a chase scene from an action movie. The world through their eyes isn’t merely seen; it’s experienced in full sensory delight.

Their thoughts aren’t clouded by worries or regrets. The past is just a sniff in the wind and the future, an unwrapped treat waiting to be devoured. It’s all about the present. The scratch behind the ears, the ball bouncing in the yard, the cozy spot on the couch, it’s these little moments that bring them ultimate joy. Love is a human at their feet and happiness is a belly rub away. Life, for a dog, is a series of moments, each lived with an infectious enthusiasm and an unadulterated joy that is humbling and heartwarming.

To them, their humans aren’t just their owners; they’re the world. Every goodbye at the door is an eternity and every return, a celebration. The undying loyalty in their eyes, the unrestrained love in their wagging tails, speaks volumes more than any words ever could. In their simplicity, dogs understand something profound about life that humans often forget: that joy comes from the little things, loyalty is the biggest gift, and love should always be unconditional

A Dogs Life Poem

A world of scents in a morning breeze, In the flutter of leaves, in the sway of trees. A life of chasing, of games, of fun, Every day anew, with the rise of the sun.

Through their eyes, a tale untold, Of loyalty unwavering, of hearts of gold. In every bark, in every bound, In every silent, understanding sound.

Every path, a quest, every tree, a friend, A life lived in moments, with no end. In the rustle of grass under soft, playful paws, A symphony of life, a joyous applause.

Belly rubs, soft cuddles, treats to savor, Simple things, the essence of their flavor. In the wag of a tail, in the nudge of a snout, A world of love, ever devout.

For they live in the now, in the here and the ‘then’, Teaching us to love, again and again. In their eyes, a mirror of our soul, In their love, we find ourselves whole

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  1. Man’s best friends at lrast they are mine 🙂

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