Blossoms and Bones: A Ballad

Blossoms and Bones: A Ballad

Blossoms and Bones: A Ballad

In the chamber of obscurity lies a maiden fair, Crowned with petals of ebon and ivory in her raven hair, Her eyes, quiet lakes of surrender, cloaked beneath their lid, A silent ballad of strength, her poignant tale hid.

Her throne, a congress of skulls, fragmented and whole, A macabre symphony, each a forsaken soul. Yet in this garden of the lost, the fallen and the dear, She abides with a grace as luminous as a celestial sphere.

The soft light kisses her face, dancing in a lover’s sway, Carving whispers of shadow and luminance in intimate array. Her beauty, a paradox, both frail and hardy, Echoes through the silent room, a ghostly party.

No windows pierce this fortress, no sight of dawn or dusk, Only the maiden, the flowers, and her kingdom of the husk. Resilient yet serene, a testament to might, She balances on life’s tightrope in the endless night.

She weaves the tales of life and death in her sovereign realm, Guided by the blooms’ vibrant hues, the skulls at the helm. A dance of existence, of the living and the passed, She exists in the liminal, where shadows are cast.

An ethereal canvas painted with contrasts stark, The maiden, the skulls, the flowers leave their mark. Life entwined with death in this mortal coil we tread, She reigns as queen in this theatre, where life’s play is read.

Silently she rules, the arbiter of fate, In her realm of somber beauty, where light and shadows mate. A serenade of silence, of power, and of grace, In her darkened palace, she has found her place.

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