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Eggs, A Collection Of Me Stuff

A Collection Of Me Stuff I don’t know about you but I’ve never had to wear sunglasses to look at my sunny side up eggs. But to appease the bacon I wore them anyway, the eggs just cheered along.

I have this strange habit, you see. Breakfast isn’t just a meal for me; it’s a full-blown event. And my ingredients aren’t just edibles, they’re characters in my day’s opening act. The bacon, so crisp and sizzling, always seemed like the tough guy. With its stripes and its swagger, it’s the cool kid of the breakfast plate. So, naturally, I put on my aviators whenever I’m cooking it, to match its undeniable coolness.

The eggs, on the other hand, are the lively ones. Their yellow yolks are like little suns, bright and warm, and they make the perfect cheerleaders for my breakfast show. It’s no surprise they’re such fans of the bacon. In the pan, they sizzle together, the bacon’s smoky aroma blending perfectly with the creamy richness of the eggs.

But it’s not just the bacon and eggs that are part of this routine. The toast, too, has a role to play. Sitting in the toaster, waiting for its time in the spotlight, it’s like the shy kid who eventually rises to the occasion. And when it pops up, golden and crispy, it always earns its round of applause.

As for the coffee, well, it’s the director of the whole operation. Its aroma sets the scene, its rich flavor provides the backbone to the story, and its caffeine…that’s the twist in the tale, the punchline of my breakfast play. It brings everything together and signals the end of the meal, and the start of my day.

It’s a strange way to think of breakfast, I know. But every day it brings a little whimsy, a little fun into my mornings. And in a world that can sometimes seem dull and monotonous, I think we could all use a little more of that don’t Me and Myself Agree?

Me, Myself and I

A Collection Of Me Stuff, I

Once upon a time, there was a person named Me who didn’t like writing about themselves. They thought it was boring and self-indulgent. One day, Me met a talking mirror named Myself. Myself was very different from Me. Myself loved to talk about themselves and their thoughts and feelings. Me was annoyed by Myself at first, but eventually they became friends.

One day, Me and Myself were talking about writing. Me said that they didn’t like writing about themselves because it was boring. Myself said that they thought writing about oneself was the most interesting thing in the world. They said that everyone has a unique story to tell, and that it was important to share those stories with others.

Me was still not convinced, but they agreed to try writing about themselves for once. They wrote about their childhood, their family, their friends, and their hopes and dreams. When they were finished, they were surprised to find that they had actually enjoyed writing about themselves. They realized that Myself was right. Writing about oneself was a way to connect with others and share their story.

Me and Myself continued to be friends, and they often talked about writing. Me learned to appreciate the importance of writing about oneself, and they even started to enjoy it. They realized that writing about oneself was a way to express themselves and connect with others.

One day, Me and Myself decided to write a book together. The book was about their friendship, and it was a funny parody prose story. The book was a success, and Me and Myself became famous. They used their fame to promote the importance of writing about oneself, and they encouraged others to share their stories.


A Collection Of Me Stuff, me, I, Myself

Once upon a time, there was a person named I. I was a very lonely person. I didn’t have any friends, and I didn’t have any family. I was all alone in the world.

One day, I was walking through the forest when I came across a strange creature. The creature was small and furry, with big eyes and a long tail. I had never seen anything like it before.

“Hello,” I said to the creature. “What are you?”

“I am a Me,” the creature said. “And who are you?”

“I am an I,” I said.

“Me and I,” the creature said. “That’s funny. We’re the same.”

“We are?” I asked.

“Yes,” the creature said. “We’re both one person. We’re just different parts of the same person.”

I thought about this for a moment. “I guess you’re right,” I said. “We are the same person. We’re just different parts of the same person.”

“That’s why we’re called Me and I,” the creature said. “Because we’re both part of the same person.”

I smiled. “I’m glad I met you, Me,” I said. “I’m not so lonely anymore.”

“Me too,” Me said. “I’m glad I met you, I.”

And so Me and I became friends. We were always together, and we never felt lonely again.

One day, Me and I were walking through the forest when we came across a group of people. The people were all arguing and fighting.

“What’s wrong?” Me asked the people.

“We’re arguing about who we are,” one of the people said. “We don’t know if we’re Me or I.”

Me and I looked at each other. We knew what to do.

“We’ll help you,” Me said.

Me and I took the people to a clearing in the forest. We sat down in a circle and talked to the people.

“We’re all the same,” Me said. “We’re all Me and I. We’re all part of the same person.”

The people listened to Me and I. They thought about what we said.

“You’re right,” one of the people said. “We’re all the same. We’re all Me and I.”

The people hugged each other. They were no longer arguing or fighting. They were friends.

Me and I smiled. We knew we had made a difference. We had helped the people to see that they were all the same. They were all Me and I.

Just then, a new voice spoke up. “I have something to add,” the voice said.

Me and I looked up. There was a third person standing in the clearing. They were tall and slender, with long hair and flowing robes.

“Who are you?” Me asked.


A Collection Of Me Stuff, me, I, Myself

“I am Myself,” the person said. “And I am here to help you.”

Me and I were confused. “What do you mean?” I asked.

“I mean that I am the part of you that you have been suppressing,” Myself said. “I am the part of you that is afraid, and the part of you that is angry, and the part of you that is sad. But I am also the part of you that is brave, and the part of you that is strong, and the part of you that is loving. I am all of you, and I am here to help you to become whole.”

Me and I looked at each other. We knew that Myself was right. We had been running away from our fears and our pain, but it was time to face them.

“We’re ready,” I said.

“Good,” Myself said. “Let’s begin.”

And so Myself helped Me and I to face our fears and our pain. It was not easy, but it was worth it. In the end, we became whole. We became Me, Myself and I

A Collection Of Me Stuff, me, I, Myself

The end. YOU THINK?

  1. I’m a triple-layered mystery cake, with “Me” as the crunchy base, “Myself” the filling that’s bittersweet, and “I” the wild sprinkles on top.
  2. Me, Myself, and I – we’re like a confused circus trio juggling life’s lemons, occasionally getting pelted in the face but still always trying to make that lemonade.
  3. I’m the Captain, the crew, and the ship all in one, often sailing through storms in a sea of emotions, trying not to sink my own ship.
  4. I’m like a supermarket on three levels – “Me” is the storefront, “Myself” is the buzzing aisles, and “I” is the late-night stocker trying to keep everything in order.
  5. I’m the baker, the bread, and the oven. Sometimes, I get myself in a bit of a heat, but usually, I rise to the occasion.
  6. I’m like a one-man band – “Me” playing the drums, “Myself” strumming the guitar, and “I” trying to sing in tune.
  7. Me, Myself, and I – a peculiar trio, like three llamas in a phone booth, each vying for a space but somehow making it work.
  8. I’m a three-ring circus with “Me” as the lion tamer, “Myself” as the acrobat, and “I” as the unruly elephant that sometimes forgets his routine.
  9. I’m the magician, the rabbit, and the hat; sometimes I disappear into myself and then reappear when least expected.
  10. I’m a three-course meal: “Me” is the crisp salad starter, “Myself” is the hearty main course, and “I” is the surprise dessert – a bit complicated, and sometimes too much to digest.
A Collection Of Me Stuff, me, I, Myself

Life Is Sometimes a #2

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