Enchantress of the Autumn Eve

Halloween, enchantress, pumpkins, rustic, magic, lantern light, autumn, spells, spirits, candles, potions, mysteries, sorcery, veil, ancient space, shadow dance, amber dress, spellbound worl

In a rustic nook, where shadows danced, Amongst the pumpkins, she took a chance. Her amber dress, like the autumn’s glow, In the dim lantern light, began to show.

Her gaze was deep, secrets it did keep, As the winds outside began to weep. Magic swirled, in that ancient space, A spellbound world, in her soft embrace.

Candles flickered, the room did sigh, Whispers of spirits, passing by. For it’s Halloween, and the veil grows thin, Between the worlds, the magic begins.

Mysteries of old, in every corner they hide, Where potions are brewed and fates decide. Yet, amidst it all, she stands so still, A sorceress of autumn, bending time to her will

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