Brothers and Sisters in Arms,

Once a Marine always a Marine and as we mark the 248th year of our Corps, I stand with you, not just as a Sergeant of Marines but as a comrade forged in the same fire of discipline and prowess that defines the world’s most formidable fighting force. Our lineage, etched into history with the grit and bravery of those who stood at Belleau Wood, stormed the sands of Iwo Jima, and held the line in Helmand, is our sacred trust.

The eagle, globe, and anchor we bear is more than a symbol; it’s a testament to the blood, sweat, and tears of legends like Gunnery Sergeant John Basilone and the countless warriors whose deeds resonate in the silent reverence of our ranks. They charged fearlessly where fainter hearts failed to tread, and it’s upon their legacy we raise our colors high, vowing to live up to the title “Marine” each dawn.

Our creed is simple yet profound—sacrifice without the expectation of fanfare or reward. We’ve battled tyranny’s shadow across eras and continents, not for glory but for the belief in something greater than ourselves. In the stillness between wars, our spirit is anything but idle; we train, we adapt, we overcome. Our service is the cornerstone of freedom, and the only accolade we seek is the privilege to be the spearhead of our nation’s defense.

In the trenches and on the decks, we’ve laughed, we’ve bled, and we’ve cried out our battle cry with voices hoarse but spirits undiminished. “Ooh Rah” is not just a call; it’s the heartbeat of our relentless drive, the sound of our dedication that echoes long after the hymn fades.

To each of you standing the watch, toiling in the dirt and the swells, I say this: Your valor today is the foundation of our Corps’ tomorrow. As Marines, we’re custodians of a warrior ethos that has weathered centuries, and it’s on our watch that this legacy shall not falter. We sharpen our skills and steel our resolve so that when the future calls, we answer with the thunderous might of the sea and the unfailing courage of the eagle.

As we celebrate this hallowed day, let’s raise our glasses not only in honor of our storied past but to the unwritten sagas that await. For it’s in the heart of every Marine present and remembered, that our legacy thrives.

Semper Fidelis, Marines—here’s to us, to our Corps, and to the many battles we’ve weathered and will face, together.

Happy 248th Birthday, Marines!

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