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Hey, “How you doing”?

About Me :- I’m creative and passionate about many things. Often it is a struggle on most days to stay focused.

Truth be told, I use to like how to figure out what to program, I actively engaged in photography, and I’ve use to enjoy rocking the guitar. But, sometimes well most of the times they don’t have much meaning or interest to me any more.

I’ve lost interest in so many things I’ve done. Been working on that but it is a slow process and one that I’m seeking ways to regain my interests or just what it is I need to be doing with my life.

The internet has allowed for the compilation of knowledge containing many lifetimes. Mine, yours, AND MUCH BETTER THAN THE DEWEY DECIMAL SYSTEM ever was. However, Libraries, loved them. And, I confess so did I :-).

I’m going to add to that knowledge in some small way too! As I explore issues that are plaguing me, my writings can be found in search engines as they certainly scan, catalog and disseminate information. Cool, My stuff is bound to be around for years.

And, knowing its possible to have mini legacies via our work makes me want to try even harder to leave messages for my family, friends, new friends and visitors.

Sharing ideas and opinions with you, is bound to be interesting. and will have some interesting posts from time to time.

There have been good years and bad years but I stay the course and constantly adapt and learn the best I can.

Thank you, Joseph xxx

Always A Marine 🙂

I’m not monetized about products or items I might discuss or publish, well at least not yet. 🙂 Yes, I’m working on it. I need to ad a donations button to this blog. I’m unable to keep paying the 300.00 a year to keep this domain and site hosted.

Technologist At Heart

I was once a technologist at heart and an early adopter of technology for many years. But, not so much anymore. I work on this blog to help heal my soul and mind. I try and keep it up beat but often, that is just a mask to as how I really feel.

The future of imagery will be challenging for the courts.

The Real Reason For This Blog

Now the real reason for this blog, is to start sharing those things that have kept me from growing personally and living a life that I once thought I had. Maybe I’ll do a programming post again. I don’t know.

Thank you! For visiting this post! Your time and interest are truly appreciated. If you found the content engaging or thought-provoking, please feel free to share your thoughts or insights in the comments.

Thoughts & Ideas, Joseph Kravis 🙂

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