About Me


Hey, “How you doing”?

I enjoy being creative and I’m passionate about many things.

I’ve always been one to freely share knowledge without others knowing who I was or for taking the credit for my accomplishments.  It’s just fun helping when you can and are able too help.

I love to program in multiple disciples, actively engage in photography, and I’ve been rocking the guitar for many years.  

There have been good years and bad years but I stay the course and constantly adapt and learn the best I can.

The internet has allowed for the compilation of knowledge containing many lifetimes. Mine, yours, AND MUCH BETTER THAN THE DEWY DECIMAL SYSTEM. Libraries, loved them.

It’s my turn to finally be able to add to that knowledge in some small way. As, search engines certainly scan, catalog and disseminate information.

My stuff is bound to be around for years.

And, knowing its possible to have mini legacies via our work makes me want to try even harder to leave messages for my family.

I feel it’s time for me to share ideas and opinions about things that I enjoy doing.  I’m a fairly creative individual and will share what I can.

If you find some cool and interesting things I’ve discussed. Awesome. 🙂

Thank you, Joseph xxx

Always A Marine 🙂

I’m not monetized about products or items I might discuss or publish, well at least not yet. 🙂

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