December 1-2019

This year the Great Lakes region had temps way below normal. -60 degrees in Chicago. Damn, Being from Michigan (There is no place like home), I don’t ever remember it being this cold. So, without further ado, there is some… Read More ›

3DART :- Hurry UP

Sometimes we want things faster then we’re ready for them. So, slow down take your time and enjoy those times and moments with people you care about. Thoughts & Ideas, Joseph Kravis 🙂 Kindness in words creates confidence. Kindness in… Read More ›

3DART :- Tic Tac Toe

was a fan of the movie “War Games”, where the WOPR was taught to play tic-tac-toe in order to determine that war is pointless as no one wins. Take that AI. 🙂 en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tic-tac-toe Thoughts & Ideas, Joseph Kravis 🙂 game… Read More ›