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Supply Chain Movement

October 16, 2017 Leave a comment

I thought it was time to do some space sci-fi sort of renders so this is another attempt at an outlying world. 🙂 What started out with only a few items, I thought it made more sense to work the image like I did. I tried to make this image appear like it was early evening as the sun was setting.

Princess Martha, thanks to you the additional fleet escorts seem to be working. Supplies are now getting thru.
What are your next orders?

Here is just a screen capture after placement of items. 

Rendered Image


I make a few and buy a few things like some do, I’m just sharing in hopes that you can benefit from my experiments.


  • Settings Used

Happy Experiments

October 11, 2017 Leave a comment

You know I have so many happy little experiments, that on occasion I wish I could duplicate some of them.  🙂 I was rendering with Daz 4.9 studio utilizing IRAY and had different issues with the actors in the scenes.

When I started to create this set, I kept it pretty open. Meaning no walls, ceiling etc. I did want to try a new camera tool that I picked up at DAZ studio. This IRAY camera has some great features I’m still investigating ways to use in my renders. It allows more depth to an image via multi layered panels that can be adjusted to suite many types of images. And, it’s simple enough to use for many proof of concepts. I actually used the cameras rainbow and haze on this image, . These are a few of the effects. Depth Haze, Dust, Ground Fog, Rain, Snow, Darkness, Clouds, and an Explosion! I’m using the multi panels with explosion for this image. And, this is where the strange issues with image creation cropped up.


Marcela G3

I had started with (Marcela G3) first but when zooming in I did not like how the skin started to look like polygons gone crazy. :-). This was also based on DAZ’s genesis 3 model form.  I actually chose Marcela as I liked the provided skin. But, now not sure If I’ll keep Marcela due to skin issues at enlarged size.


Drusilla G8

For both images I started off with a resolution of (10,000 x 13,000) which I think makes for a nicer image when viewing and is a good opportunity at learning how to do book covers and promos for myself and others if they’ed like. But with this image using Drusilla, at about 29% I saw that this was starting to resemble the Russian Lomography camera images that had all this very cool double exposure and even multiple exposure happening. I stopped the render which I shouldn’t have done perhaps a little too soon.  Sometimes time is a factor and as I try new things I save and reopen projects often hence the stopping of is render. Bummer for me.  I also want to point out the different actors used in the scene as the two had a vast difference in rendering issues.

The skin in Marcela, needs more research as the face looks great it’s parts like the legs that require note. With Drusilla, Not sure if its a real issue. But, I found when using geo shells to add underwear and such at least with this shirt the hidden part of the shirt keeps coming back into the scene and the items utilizing the geo shells don’t appear correctly. More research and experiments are on the way. 🙂  I don’t really have a final version or test of this image done. But, once complete I’ll update this post with the final image or idea. The actors and cloths may change but I’m keeping the set for testing. Well, actually it’s simple as saving as 🙂 to get multiple sets out of this.


By the way save your projects often as I’ve had DAZ crash right after doing a lot of work. I wish there was a smart auto-save configurable feature so that right before the render button is selected perhaps run a save. And, there isn’t truly a versioning mechanizm of saves. For example. I:\ArtProjects\DAZProjects\project 001.duf, I:\ArtProjects\DAZProjects\project 002.duf. Could even append date on file name. Still would be nice to have this auto-save feature. 

As always comments are always welcome.



I make a few and buy a few things like some do, I’m just sharing in hopes that you can benefit from my experiments.


  • Environment
    • DAZ 4.9++, will move to 4.10 when further along in dev versus pre-release.
  • Filtering
  • Tone Mapping
  • Camera
    • Ring Flash Camera
    • Raw EnviroCam
  • Set Overview

Boys And Their Magazines.

September 27, 2017 2 comments

Always one to experiment with digital creations, here is another one. As I started to set this up, decided to use no backgrounds and just lighting.  Since that looked kind of funky I put a rug in the scene and did not like that so I applied a mirror shader to the surface of the rug. I thought it worked really well.   Even the bottom of the feet look like they’ve been walking around awhile.

I had rendered this as a 10×13 with 8330/10000 pixel size. When the render was done this morning I noticed a fine line across the image. At first I was bummed because this rendered while I was sleeping and I thought I’d have a great image in the morning.  After really thinking about it, the thought crossed my mind that the line kind of made the image appear that it came out of the center of a magazine.  So, I left it in. What kid in the days before the internet did not cover their walls with images from magazines? I know I did.  Therefore that is the theme of this post. Well not sure about that either but it works but I like it nevertheless. 🙂

I have multiple cameras in this open scene and will share the settings. I have lots of tools but have been rendering in DAZ studio.  It’s easy to setup, configure and work with many settings using Iray and PBR based images and settings go a long way towards more real looking final compilations. I still do a lot of work in my other programs like 3ds, Miya, and blender for different set parts. And, bring them in when needed.

Here is that magazine page. 🙂

3D ART :- Porcelain I’m Fragile

3D ART :- Porcelain I’m Fragile

If we’re so fragile we’ll never know or have the opportunity to expand and grow. Using downtime for quite reflection can help
achieve many wondrous things. The ability to understand and work on our frailties is something we all need.  I’m learning
that it’s OK to make mistakes, learn from it and move on. Wishing the same for you as well.

“I love those who can smile in trouble, who can gather strength from distress, and grow brave by reflection. ‘Tis the business of little minds to shrink, but they whose heart is firm, and whose conscience approves their conduct, will pursue their principles unto death.”
Leonardo da Vinci

3D ART :- A Walk In The Garden

3D ART :- A Walk In The Garden

This is great how this image came together.  Not much to explain on this post. I just thought

that all came together very nice. Image composition and colors all work very well together. 🙂


3D ART :- DAZ Studio Content Organization PART 1

3D ART :- DAZ Studio Content Organization


Even before using DAZ Studio content organization has been an issue. Because of that I’ve setup my workflow to download, virus check etc., Organize purchased and not purchased items and making sure that Items I do have appear in the content database(s) with appropriate meta data that helps describe my content. Someday I’ll be exporting from DAZ into formats for usage within Unity and Unreal environments, and that management can even be more tedious. I also follow the same and similar formatting rules for using light room, Photoshop and processing my GoPro videos’ So, it’s good to identify and setup a workflow or a workflow that has few well thought out steps so you’ll continue using a method.

Another thing, content is expensive and to not protect it like other assets is crazy stupid. Along with your time to setup organize and process can be very time consuming. So, I’ve started to take a look at how I can organize my content the automated way. With this in mind, this posting covers simple hard drive organization first and foremost and what to look for in the zip files you get from various sources that you’ll be using in DAZ3D. From my usage of DAZ3D,  and reading the forums I’ve seen the pattern and structure that exists for content downloads.

The best way to learn is to dig in on this issue. Hopefully you’ll find the information useful as well. Before I get to content structure on my
PC, I thought I would start with some break down of zip files and their organization for DAZ and Renderosity which are two sites I’ve purchased content and downloaded free content from.

ZIP File Structure and DAZ Content Downloads

I’m sure that not all sites follow the same format and organization for producing packaged ZIP files for import, either using the DIM :- Daz Install Manager or by manual installation. My topic also covers stuff after January 01 2017 as that’s the month I started using DAZ and don’t really have much older content but this posting should fit for multi methods.

Daz studio names content manually and DIM downloaded zip files with IM99999999-01_NameOfProduct.ZIP. If there are more than one to install for same SKU# It will be IM99999999-02_NameOfProduct.ZIP etc. This is nice as the product SKU# and name is included in the in the name.

For Example This file is called that I manually downloaded. Searching for 4422 in the product store

When you select the product image displays the page Medieval-Furniture-Pack. Which is also part of the name.

That makes it easy when you want to look up content pages. It could be important if you want to search for something. If the dashes “-” are missing when trying to run the url you’ll recive a 404 error so just add the “-” back in.

By changing the number
A link like this and you will be taken to the product page where you can download related items that I’ve found to include templates, or additional usage documentation.

XML Manifest

Included in the root portion of the zip file is an Manifest.dsx text wise is an XML file as *.XML file which is basically a text file organized kind of like the hierarchy of a folder structure.
\\Libraries etc.
The outer tags just tell DAZ Install what version the install manage is and the GlobalID is an identifier called a GUID that identifies the product id.
SIDE NOTE: Powershell can use $myGuid = [guid]::NewGuid()

 <DAZInstallManifest VERSION="0.1">
  <GlobalID VALUE="7449d014-cc18-e696-c9d6-a90a165153f6"/>
  <File TARGET="Content" ACTION="Install" VALUE="Content/ReadMe's/MedievalFurnitureREADME.htm"/>
Some ZIP Files have an additional file called Supplement.dsx. This particular ZIP doesn’t include one. In it's simple form it looks something like this:
 <ProductSupplement VERSION="0.1">
 <ProductName VALUE="Medieval Furniture Pack"/>
 <InstallTypes VALUE="Content"/>
 <ProductTags VALUE="DAZStudio4,DAZStudio3,DAZStudioLegacy,Poser9,PoserLegacy"/>

I’ll show why this could be helpful.
Now if you look at the hierarchy you can see that the manifest values are showing DAZ Install Manager where to install content.

Actually it is pretty straight forward way to organize and get thinking along the lines of organizing and managing content.

If you’re included to. 🙂 you can download a tool from Microsoft called XML Notepad. Its free and that makes
The tool even cooler. Here is the Manifest.dsx for I’d post a link, you just never know if a link is active or not.

Who knows all of this could change in the future. But, for now this has helped me understand the structure of content and how to manage this content

I also bring up the Manifest.xml file now, as I’ve built a tool that will read thru content folders without manifests and generate manifests for that content
Regardless of where you found freebies and made purchases. I’ve actually used PowerShell for this process as I’m still new to python. I’ve been recreating the same process with Python so hopefully someday can be ran as a python script via DAZ.

DAZ Install Manager-DIM

And, using DIM as it’s called installs the content into the default “Content Files Install To:”

If you downloaded to the default download folder

And looking at that folder for SKU# 4422 (been using all along for this article) You can see the same structure of zip file from above along with its manifest.
Again no supplement file from content downloaded using DIM.
If you notice there is IM00004422-01_MedievalFurniturePack.dsx which is essential an *.XML file that I mentioned.

Included in ZIP(if one were to exist)
 <ProductSupplement VERSION="0.1">
 <ProductName VALUE="Medieval Furniture Pack"/>
 <InstallTypes VALUE="Content"/>
 <ProductTags VALUE="DAZStudio4,DAZStudio3,DAZStudioLegacy,Poser9,PoserLegacy"/>
Product download had dramatically more information and is the same name as zip download with *.dsx extension. 
 <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
 <ProductSupplement VERSION="0.1">
 <ProductName VALUE="Medieval Furniture Pack"/>
 <ProductStoreIDX VALUE="4422-1"/>
 <UserOrderId VALUE="24410813"/>
 <UserOrderDate VALUE="2017-04-05T20:19:08Z"/>
 <InstallerDate VALUE="2013-02-22T19:49:20Z"/>
 <ProductFileGuid VALUE="9857ba43-ad04-d6b1-a258-80799256b889"/>
 <InstallTypes VALUE="Content"/>
 <ProductTags VALUE="DAZStudio4_5,DAZStudio4,DAZStudio3,DAZStudioLegacy,Poser9,PoserLegacy,CloudAvailable"/>

Having 2 different essentially supplement files is not good unless that’s how it’s intended to be. From my short example above
There is a <GlobalID VALUE=”7449d014-cc18-e696-c9d6-a90a165153f6″/> and <ProductFileGuid VALUE=”9857ba43-ad04-d6b1-a258-80799256b889″/>
The names are different but I wonder if they are being used for the same purpose and should be the same name and GUID value. One could
be a ProductID and the other could be VendorID I’ll see If I can find out.

Content Organization Hard Drive

Organizing your hard drive is much like the ordering of content free and otherwise. You go to a site order. :-). After the purchase
You can download your content into a decent organized folder structure. I keep mine by order # if purchased and free by “content creator” If
There is a name found.










After my downloads are complete,  I run from Powershell command line tools to extract, create manifest and create DUF files for text files.

I start by reading thru the unzipped files and zip to the passed in variable

$CopyFromFolder = “Drive:\Downloads\Purchase from DAZ”
$CopyToFolder = “Drive:\Downloads\Purchase from DAZ\UnZipped”
$CopyFromFolder = “Drive:\Downloads\Purchase from Renderosity”
$CopyToFolder = “Drive:\Downloads\Purchase from Renderosity\UnZipped”

Files are unzipped into folders based on ZIP file names.

That’s it for now. Next time I’ll go over the Powershell that does the work.

Comments are welcome.

Thank you,

ElsieMay Is The Green Eyed Lady.

When I put this together today, I was think about the song “Green Eyed Lady by SugarLoaf song link here ( Not sure if that’s appropriate do but it helps kind of explain my image. I get no credit for this link, it’s a great song. Please let me know.

I checked around for a dress that would work for the image I was thinking about. When I found it I said that will do! The background is a web find. Will have to do better in that documentation. The dress from Renderosity. And from Daz3d, I used Avelyn hair, greenish lips and nails from Akasha, the eyes I used from the green macro eyes and made one pupal smaller to emulate partial light from the side. Then posed with vogue poses for eva 7. Over all I think it turned out nicely. Learning the art of 3d is important as I move more into VR and VR programming This is starting out to be a fantastic fun ride.


Higher resolution images are also available. 🙂