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I’ve created a general place for sharing my thoughts and ideas on well, lots of topics. :-)

T&i :- I Salute You

There are many types of salutes.  Salutes are used to show respect, greetings and confidence. Different items are used in salutes.  21-gun salutes are performed to honor fallen military members where cannons or rifles are typically used to show that… Read More ›

The Perfect Storm Is On The Horizon

The Perfect Storm The perfect storm is coming and no one will be able to stop it. Today is a day in what ever year you can imagine and within the next years perhaps from where you are today and within 10 years the changes will happen blazingly fast.

Memorial Day

Memorial Day.   This day should honor current and past veterans.  As the culture in the United States diversified, so too the meaning of Memorial Day.  It’s not a day that gives everyone a 3 day pass to party.  Although… Read More ›