Thoughts and Ideas

I’ve created a general place for sharing my thoughts and ideas on well, lots of topics. :-)

Birth Of A Virus

Not sure how one would birth a virus. In the lab or out in nature. Or if they existed long before man inhabited the earth. So, I imagine that they’ve existed for many years in all forms

Scorched Earth

Scorched Earth. Let’s not end in a tragic way. Embrace those whom you love a little longer. We need to wake up and demand that. These are the times we live in. You have my permission.

Elf Princess

It’s such a wonderful moment! You leap out of your skins and laugh, your spirit soaring. The ground below turns into a placid tundra, the air around you is as dark as pitch.

Transparent Dreams

What, exactly, are you doing?”
There was a pause, and then she smiled again.
“I was thinking of this, you see. When I first started playing with it I was thinking of how different it would be if we had kids.

What Makes A Great Blog

What makes a great blog is actually a bad title for me. Because I don’t know. I really don’t know how to blog. I suppose I can write somewhat but not like anyone famous or those with lots of writing talents.

Reach For It

Having indecision often kills any possibility for advancement. Do I want it or don’t? Going to reach for it? Or just sit back? Indecision sets in while I do a little more pondering.