Sphere Hunting

Sphere Hunting My world contains the remains of sphere hunters. Um, Umm, or does it? Sphere hunters, sometime you see them and sometime you don’t. One day, you’re walking through your city and then suddenly it happens. A loud crash,… Read More ›

Broken You

When you feel broken and alone in the world
it’s time to see for your self and give some forgiveness
to you
it’s what you deserve.
it’s what you deserve.

3DART :- Star Gazing

I see you in vivid color, alive and refreshed.
I see you seeing me, Fearfully, Beautifully, Tearfully.
Although heaven is now your home, I can see you anytime
By closing my eyes in a wistful dream. And, I ask,
If I were but a dream, a thought or miracle, would you also see me? Or would you be Star Gazing Nevertheless…