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PowerShell – Out-GridView Headers

October 26, 2016 5 comments

I’ve liked the simplicty of PowerShell when using the Out-GridView against a data set when you want a quick sortable list.

If you use Out-GridView most likely you’re cutting and pasting into an Excel sheet

Out-GridView dosen’t allow you to copy the header row. But, a simple process will help

For example:

From example #4 on this page.

($A = Get-ChildItem -Path $pshome -Recurse) | Out-GridView

This displays the header bar but you’re unable to copy this header directly that I’ve not found.


CTRL+A and no grid headers selected.


Now create a simple object and function to run for storing header values:

$global:ReportHeaders = @()

function Report-Headers() {
 # There are a few methods for createing objects. Keeping this simple
 # to show the possibilities

# Sets up dummy object with headers for use in out-gridview
 $local:TestCollection = @()
 $TestProperties = new-Object Object
 add-Member -inputobject $TestProperties -membertype NoteProperty 
-Name "Mode" -Value ""
 add-Member -inputobject $TestProperties -membertype NoteProperty 
-Name "LastWriteTime" -Value ""
 add-Member -inputobject $TestProperties -membertype NoteProperty 
-Name "Length" -Value ""
 add-Member -InputObject $TestProperties -MemberType NoteProperty 
-Name "Name" -Value ""

$TestProperties.Mode = "Mode"
 $TestProperties.LastWriteTime = "Last Write Time"
 $TestProperties.Length = "Length"
 $TestProperties.Name = "Name"
 $local:TestCollection += $TestProperties
 $global:ReportHeaders = $local:TestCollection

 ($A = Get-ChildItem -Path $pshome -Recurse) | Out-GridView
 $global:ReportHeaders +=  $a
 $global:ReportHeaders | Out-GridView

Now there are simple headers to copy into excel or other tools.


Sample Excel:


Well, something very simple. If you’ve found a different way to do this please let me know.