Happy Pi Day

Happy Pi Day, dear friends of mine, Let’s celebrate with some cheesy rhymes, We’ll crunch some numbers, eat some pie, And make math nerds laugh till they cry. 3.14159265358979323846, That’s the value of Pi we all adore, It goes on… Read More ›


Grandparents are nothing more than old codgers that see life from a different time. As the sun sets, so too does the knowledge of that lifetime.

Sphere Hunting

Sphere Hunting My world contains the remains of sphere hunters. Um, Umm, or does it? Sphere hunters, sometime you see them and sometime you don’t. One day, you’re walking through your city and then suddenly it happens. A loud crash,… Read More ›

Pandemic Thoughts

’ve been so deep in thought while walking from one room to another that when I got to my destination, I forgot why I went there. My inner thought captivates then catapults me to other places.