I knew absolutely nothing about 3d worlds in December 2016. As I have taken a deep dive in learning the technology, I’ve been having frustrating issues with Blender 2.78 and that learning curve although steep has been great for my creativity.

I did attempt learning 3dsmax, Maya, Mud box, Motion builder from Autodesk with a free student subscription, only learned a little as there is a lot to using the tools. And Daz3d, Carrara Pro 8.5 from DAS Studios. As

A bonus for me as I’ve been a programmer for over 40 years, the majority of these new tools use python and PostgreSQL and that was ok for me because I wanted to learn those languages. If you have kids and if they play Roblox there is the LUA programming language as well. And, that’s what really propelled me into learning about 3d worlds and art.

The kids wanted me to teach them scripting and programming so they create their own items. So as we have time I show them a few things. There actually good at searching online for things. I’m more of consoler of sorts.

Discovery Of Something New josephkravis.com
Discovery Of Something New

I enjoy creating my own SQL where, I can quickly lookup and see what application I’ve used an asset for etc. Licensing for game use was the primary concern for creating and tracking props and assets. If that happens it would be nice.

As the title partially states “Learning Is a Process”, I’d say yes it is! So stay tuned for more creations as I have time, energy and health. 🙂

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