Things I like To Do

  • Database Design & BI
    • Data Mining from multiple sources with Information Management
    • Metrics for evaluation and exploration. Don’t you? 🙂
    • Query Optimizations
    • Comparing cross database performance
  • Programming
    • VB, C, C++, C#, JAVA HTML and PowerShell what ever is required
    • R ( something new but finding it fun)
    • Machine learning for log processing
    • Multiple system migration and maintenance tools.
    • Unity Games
  • Security & Analysis
    • Threat Management Gateways and firewalls.
    • Enjoy analyzing proxy logs interesting correlations to be found
    • Exceptionable research and deconstruction. of ideas
  • Scripting and Networking
    • I pretty much script everything with my organized list of snippets and tools.
    • Automatic patching and my downtime tool monitor
  • 3DART AND Modeling
    • 3DSMAX, MAYA, MUDBOX and Motionbuilder learning and learning
    • PHOTOSHOP CC and tools
    • DAZ3D

I really need to get all my tools finished and documented. 🙂

Please contact me with your interests. Perhaps there can be some collaborations.

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