3DART :- Cracked

Sometimes the things that seem to hold you back are your own fears. If you bring those fears out of the shadows you stand a better chance of accomplishing many goals. You can’t let persons, places or things dictate how… Read More ›

3DART :- The Well

The well is often a misunderstood thought or feeling. Yup fooled ya, thought I’d talk about the pretty girl and well water. Didn’t ya? Nope not this time. 🙂 I’m not a psychologist not any kind of ist. But, family… Read More ›

3DART :- Friends

I have many acquaintances and a few friends. But, as my friends will tell you I’ve not been out visiting, sending SMS(text) 🙂 or calling for a long time. My inbox shows over 1000 unanswered or unlooked at emails. Sorry… Read More ›


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