Thoughts and Ideas

I’ve created a general place for sharing my thoughts and ideas on well, lots of topics. :-)


Without direction and an understanding of where you want to go, you’ll just fly around in circles without ever knowing what your true path will be or that the desired path was the right one.

Potato Harvest

Potato Harvest and beyond. The potato has been a staple in many families food pantry for thousands of years. It’s one of the few crops that can feed the hungry and eliminate starvation.

Sir What Is It

I’ve always have been interested in the stars and the possibilities of space travel. Sadly that’s all it’s been is an interest. I could have choosen a different path.

Chillen Good

Let go and let God. Or something like that. Well, at least letting go of those things that haunt you. Set them free out into the universe trusting that all will be well.

Buried Alive

Have you ever been buried alive? I mean not in a casket or anything like that. Nothing strange, but just being buried alive at play or by accident?