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Witchy Women

October 19, 2017 Leave a comment

When I get an idea for an image it stays around in my head while it seems to build what I want. Then after I have a clear vision for something, I start piecing together
the items that I’ll use in the construction of an image. Sometimes I’ll have a start of a set waiting around incomplete for a long time before an idea hits me. Other times, I’ve used parts of a set with something entirely different and that leaves me with a good start to build off.

As we move into the holiday season we’re first confronted with Halloween. Not a typical holiday but one filled with ghosts, goblins and ghouls. 🙂 Hence the reason to post some Halloween
images. Although I’ve since changed this image around, you know more bats, and a couple of extra trees. I’ve kept this pretty simple.

When I added Oremus, I hid all the walls so that I could keep the base for this image. I raised the base up so items in the back would look more authentic. The Ivy over the top is just there. 🙂 Hey it’s my illusion. 🙂 Once I positioned, worked on lighting I rendered this image.


I make a few and buy a few things like some do, I’m just sharing in hopes that you can benefit from my experiments. I also find and
use a few free items on occasions. And, when possible will point all to valid links. But, links change, so please let me know if you’ve
tried any of these links and they don’t work. I decided that it is better for you to copy and paste into a browser rather than have clickable links.


  • Settings Used


  • Images of scene during contruction

Happy Experiments

October 11, 2017 Leave a comment

You know I have so many happy little experiments, that on occasion I wish I could duplicate some of them.  🙂 I was rendering with Daz 4.9 studio utilizing IRAY and had different issues with the actors in the scenes.

When I started to create this set, I kept it pretty open. Meaning no walls, ceiling etc. I did want to try a new camera tool that I picked up at DAZ studio. This IRAY camera has some great features I’m still investigating ways to use in my renders. It allows more depth to an image via multi layered panels that can be adjusted to suite many types of images. And, it’s simple enough to use for many proof of concepts. I actually used the cameras rainbow and haze on this image, . These are a few of the effects. Depth Haze, Dust, Ground Fog, Rain, Snow, Darkness, Clouds, and an Explosion! I’m using the multi panels with explosion for this image. And, this is where the strange issues with image creation cropped up.


Marcela G3

I had started with (Marcela G3) first but when zooming in I did not like how the skin started to look like polygons gone crazy. :-). This was also based on DAZ’s genesis 3 model form.  I actually chose Marcela as I liked the provided skin. But, now not sure If I’ll keep Marcela due to skin issues at enlarged size.


Drusilla G8

For both images I started off with a resolution of (10,000 x 13,000) which I think makes for a nicer image when viewing and is a good opportunity at learning how to do book covers and promos for myself and others if they’ed like. But with this image using Drusilla, at about 29% I saw that this was starting to resemble the Russian Lomography camera images that had all this very cool double exposure and even multiple exposure happening. I stopped the render which I shouldn’t have done perhaps a little too soon.  Sometimes time is a factor and as I try new things I save and reopen projects often hence the stopping of is render. Bummer for me.  I also want to point out the different actors used in the scene as the two had a vast difference in rendering issues.

The skin in Marcela, needs more research as the face looks great it’s parts like the legs that require note. With Drusilla, Not sure if its a real issue. But, I found when using geo shells to add underwear and such at least with this shirt the hidden part of the shirt keeps coming back into the scene and the items utilizing the geo shells don’t appear correctly. More research and experiments are on the way. 🙂  I don’t really have a final version or test of this image done. But, once complete I’ll update this post with the final image or idea. The actors and cloths may change but I’m keeping the set for testing. Well, actually it’s simple as saving as 🙂 to get multiple sets out of this.


By the way save your projects often as I’ve had DAZ crash right after doing a lot of work. I wish there was a smart auto-save configurable feature so that right before the render button is selected perhaps run a save. And, there isn’t truly a versioning mechanizm of saves. For example. I:\ArtProjects\DAZProjects\project 001.duf, I:\ArtProjects\DAZProjects\project 002.duf. Could even append date on file name. Still would be nice to have this auto-save feature. 

As always comments are always welcome.



I make a few and buy a few things like some do, I’m just sharing in hopes that you can benefit from my experiments.


  • Environment
    • DAZ 4.9++, will move to 4.10 when further along in dev versus pre-release.
  • Filtering
  • Tone Mapping
  • Camera
    • Ring Flash Camera
    • Raw EnviroCam
  • Set Overview

Summer Is Drifting Away

September 18, 2017 4 comments

The Summer House Of Fantasy//

Wow, such a great summer!  Did a lot of things with family and then there was this overwhelming loss that kind of overshadowed

all the fun activities.  But I’m marching on and keeping memories alive.

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Equafaxs personal data on you was hacked 143 million times.

September 8, 2017 Leave a comment

Well not really but it is concerning as you’ve might have heard on one of the news sites.

We are all pretty fucked if you ask me. Sure not a professional way to answer or reply. Consider this…firms and governments with the computing power have been silently breaching these types of institutions for quite sometime. Knowledge is power and as the computers move worldwide into huge data centers, imagine the complex underpinnings that have open gates, wide open gates, that cause this type of breach. People will eventually suffer due to the breaches taking place but at nation state levels think of the bargaining chip 143 million records has. As of 2016 there were 323.95 million people in the USA alone. Anyone of age who has attempted, tried and received credit in some form that could represent up to 65% of the population. I could speculate that with this breach and the others reported and unreported someone or some persons have a record of every man, women and child in the United States. Ah just some thoughts.

As companies move towards automation, thefts like these will be more common.  Currently there are no true checks and balances for automated processes with AI.

In starts as simple automation.  You make a list for a task you do often. I’m sure eventually your list can be used to order groceries. Wait that’s happening with amazon and those little dots you can buy.

Anything that has definable steps and patterns will eventually be automated by AI or a robot. Or a software bot that handles just items that are on your list.  There will be no hiding as this is already happening.  Alexa, Cortana, Siri, Googles OK google. How lame is that no name or a sexy voice? Come on google get a clue.

Simple examples are. Full service gas stations to self-serve gas stations to now some stations have no attendants except for the many cameras on the premise.  The convenience of ATM machines has replaced tellers and will continue to do so as banks also offer the ability to deposit by taking a photo of a check to deposit. No teller no driving, plain convenience.   As we get use to the simplicities of these features we’ll soon learn to forget many things. Do you have a cell phone? Do you engage with people?  How do you engage via text message or actual voice call? Now lose your phone and try and remember the many numbers that you might have in your contacts.  Lost in digital heaven.

The easier the technology is the more people will adopt it.  Kids that are below the age of 10 at this date 2017 will mostly know technology. So, what do we do.  Kids must learn how to deal with issues that don’t involve technology at the core.  Security should begin at home and taught to all family members.

Breaches are just the tip of the iceberg.

Joseph. #Kravis

The Perfect Storm Is On The Horizon i1 & i2

August 12, 2017 Leave a comment

The perfect storm is coming and no one will be able to stop it.  Today is a day in 2017 and within the next years perhaps within 10 years changes will happen blazingly fast.  The following issues may or may not be politically correct and are partly my observation.  That’s not why I choose to deliver this message like this.  These are points that I think go unnoticed and I’m just putting my spin on them. I will be releasing a couple of points a week. 🙂 Well, that’s if I’m not interrupted and have the time.

Issue 1:

The majority of baby boomers will be retiring.  As retirements start most will not spend as much as they did when working and sadly they’ve not saved much over their lifetimes. This will cause a drain on programs designed to assist those in need and will not put money back into the economy. I did see a Bloomberg report the other day that said retires need to learn how to spend money. WTF. That won’t help. Leave us alone we know how to spend and while our saving habits has a lot to be desired, our spending won’t change nor improve where the economy is headed. Here is the link to that report.

It’s not hording. Does Greece, Argentina, Brazil and other countries not give you pause? Those folks are practically selling body parts to get food for their families.  That could very well happen in the United States. What we will see are people fighting for specials at Walmart’s and others stores around the holidays. And, to think some communities outright ban victory gardens or gardens to help supplement a grocery bill.  We must all learn and relearn how to help our self as no one will be there for you or your family….

Issue 2:

The cost for medical and other benefits will be staggering.  Partly due to our over indulgences and becoming fat. Yes fat and not the politically correct obese. Health issues associated with being fat are diabetes, heart failure and kidney damage.  Medicare is not what it should be and healthcare in this country, seems to be devoted to the insurer’s enabling them to invest money into other things. And when those other things come crashing down. (Housing bubble, stock bubble, TECH BUBBLE! etc. .) HEALTH CARE COSTS WILL INCREASE.  The notion that there is a healthy fat and fit person is a misnomer.

Let’s not start talking about the NSAIDS that are freely handed out and taken by all. Even our own government is issuing warnings about NSAIDS.

I’ve not seen nor heard ad campaigns announcing this have you??

Issue 3:


Next UP…..


Poke Poke Poke

July 14, 2017 2 comments

As I work on next post. This off the wall post will have to do.  🙂

I get poked all the time. Men, women, goats. It doesn’t matter. LOL There are the people that poke and when you poke back, like a robot an instant poke back. That’s darn right odd. You have the hokyPoke, Do the HokyPokey ya know the thing with your left and right legs. Pokémon, Gumby and Pokey, Poke Salad, Poke fish, and if you have the off the wall religion. “The Poke” is arriving soon! It was also my understanding that if a stranger pokes you and you answer back they’ll have temporary access to view your profile even if it is listed as private thus finding a living person from the poke. If you poke too many people you could end up with a finger disease@! “Fuck you now becomes Poke You”. Sorry for the bad word. But, it fit and I thought it was funny.

There’s nothing more common than the commonality about commonness and the ability to not read this post. #kravis

Circle Of Miles And Taxes

Gas taxes in the state of Washington based on  we’re taxed about .67 per gallon of gas sold.  A lot of our property taxes go for highway projects as well.  Changing to the system of miles traveled will cause in the short term a drop of state tax revenue.  And, you know they will try and replace that lost income.  Keep incentives for purchasing electric cars and charge declining flat tax based on purchase price over the life span of the car. Transportation and autonomous vehicles will become a reality. Uber is experimenting in Ohio and has made an autonomous beer delivery run.

Take a look at a map and draw a circle in a 100 mile radius from your home you’ll be surprised at how much there is to do and see right where you live.  We don’t get much out of our home zone.  And, within that zone lies our commute paths. To and from work. And, on weekends an occasional trip across the mountains.  Other than taxation for miles driven, possibly tracked by gps, laws will have to be assessed to see how to protect our privacy. New laws either need to be created or old ones enforced to protect our privacy and our home locations.  From the metric centric point of view, the correlations provide a unique challenge for all of us.  Just random thoughts. J

Electric hybrids are supposed to be more efficient and at this time our state don’t tax based on miles driven.

People who work in SF, sometimes live 2-3 hours away from the job. Would self-driving cars change that?  Not sure but If I were to take an automatic vehicle I would hope that there would be lanes of traffic to account for autonomous driving.

10 years into the future a self-driving car will be smaller and lighter. They will go forward and back and from side to side.  The rules of the road will have changed because these little things would get crushed.  You’ll start out in the morning leaving in your self-driving car. You strap in and pull down the table in front of you and get comfortable for the commute. On your head are the latest in 3D real vision. You’ll Watch a little news, reply to email and take a quick 3d selfie to post on the airwaves channel. Life is good.

Arriving stress free at work your self-driving car drives directly to the parking garage elevator where you are whisked away and delivered promptly to your office.  Lunch is 3d printed ham and cheese on rye. . Life is good.

On the way home, put your 3D real vision on get lost playing the latest game.  Arriving home safe and rested, Life is good.

Perhaps flex time. Commute every other day in the self-driving cars.  It is and will happen as roads get more congested.

What solutions would you offer for autonomous and self-driving vehicles?