Transparent Dreams

What, exactly, are you doing?”
There was a pause, and then she smiled again.
“I was thinking of this, you see. When I first started playing with it I was thinking of how different it would be if we had kids.

Genetic Engineering

I’m not much for genetic engineering of food because as people we don’t know what the long term effects on all populations will be. There are pros and cons for genetic engineering.

Angel Of Mercy

Oki Dokie Euthanasia What is so wrong about this? This is a personal opinion but, I believe in the sanctity of life and euthanasia doesn’t fit into that opinion.

Healthcare And Nursing

Nurses Week Nurses week begins this week and I thought I’d put together a weeks grouping of posts about nursing and ideas that I’ve found fascinating.   Artificial intelligence is changing and will be a disruptive force in healthcare. Nursing is… Read More ›