Grief Sadness Sorrow And Joy

Grief Sadness Sorrow Joy
Grief Sadness Sorrow Joy

There’s been a lot of grief and sadness the past couple of months for my family. Borrowing on some of the things said from everyone, here is my feeble attempt and expressing my grief.

Grief Is An Ocean

Grief is an ocean. The depths of which are tempered by the varied memories and love that are held. Each wave is different. Each gentle wave is different. Each thundering wave was different, all because we loved differently. We all love differently because we’re all different. Yes, we lost the true love of our lives.

We grieved the loss of a marriage. We grieved for daughter’s and sons. We grieved for a grandparent. We grieved for a little dog. We grieved for a dog that wouldn’t listen. We grieved for a cat that liked to get into the car and lie on the floor. Yes, we grieved for all those things because of the loss of the person who made those things happen. And it all happened because we loved differently.

Thank you.

There is no perfect way to grieve, but we do grieve. We miss you, my little Grief. And we’re sad and it’s awful. And it makes it hard to get out of bed and it makes us angry and it makes us sadder. But it also makes us grateful because it makes us so happy to remember how very, very lucky we were to have loved so deeply and for so long.

And that’s what the world needs now, a rainbow. A rainbow to remind us that we’re different and that we’re all unique, but that we love differently and that it matters.

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Thoughts & Ideas, Joseph Kravis 🙂

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