Mother’s Day- Celebrated Not Commercialized

Mother’s Day- Celebrated Not Commercialized

As Mother’s Day dawns, the gentle morning light casts a warm glow through the curtains, the world awakens with a serene embrace. As the years have rolled by, the creases upon my face deepening like the grooves of a well-worn path, I am reminded of the journey I have traveled. I cannot help but think of my mother, her ethereal presence ever-present in my heart, her essence intertwined with my very being. This day, dedicated to the celebration of motherhood, feels tinged with a bittersweet longing that tugs at the corners of my soul.

In the quietude of the morning, I let my thoughts drift back to a time when her laughter filled our home, and her gentle touch could heal the deepest of wounds. I remember the way her eyes sparkled as she shared stories of her own childhood, passing on wisdom with every word, her voice a soothing balm. The aroma of her cooking wafting through the house, drawing us all in like a warm embrace, a testament to the love she infused into every meal.

But it wasn’t just the joyful moments that have left an indelible mark on my heart. The tears we shed together, the comforting hugs during trying times, and the unwavering support she offered through every challenge, have shaped me into the person I am today. My mother’s love was a beacon of hope, guiding me through the darkest storms and leading me safely back to the shore.

As an old man now, I find solace in the quiet moments, where the whispers of the past come alive once more. The world has changed much since her time, but her essence remains woven into the tapestry of my life. I remember the tender touch of her hand as she wiped away my tears, the soothing cadence of her voice as she lulled me to sleep with stories of her own youth.

Today, as I stand before the mirror, my reflection an amalgamation of the years gone by, I see not only the man I have become, but the love of the woman who nurtured and guided me along the way. My mother’s spirit, a silent companion through life’s journey, remains ever-present within me, her strength a beacon that has illuminated even the darkest corners of my soul.

On this Mother’s Day, I take a moment to honor the woman who shaped my life, who brought me into this world, and who loved me unconditionally. Though her presence is now felt in the echoes of my heart, her love continues to bloom within me, a vibrant flower that will never fade. Though the years have come and gone, her love remains, an eternal flame that burns brightly within me, guiding me forward as I continue this beautiful journey called life.


Mater, mater, carissima, Donum Dei mihi datum, Gratias ago pro omnibus, Quae fecisti mihi.

Tu es mea prima magistra, Me docuisti amare, Me docuisti sperare, Me docuisti credere.

Tu es mea prima amica, Semper es ibi pro me, Semper es in corde meo, Semper es in anima mea.

Te amo, mater, Mihi es carissima, Et semper eris.



Mother, dearest mother, A gift from God to me, I give thanks for all, That you have done for me.

You are my first teacher, You taught me to love, You taught me to hope, You taught me to believe.

You are my first friend, Always there for me, Always in my heart, Always in my soul.

I love you, mother, You are dearest to me, And you always will be.

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