Windswept And Blow

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Spring And Summer

Least not the moments and compassion in our life’s be interrupted by the likes of the news. Dig out of our quandary and dawn the creative mind and hat. Remember. Remember. Remember.

Remember. Remember. Remember.

There was one cold day, in particular, that I vividly remember that affected me deeply. It was when the wind would blow and I’d feel a wind as though it was coming directly from the sky. It made my entire body shiver and it got me nervous.

The unknown is something we must let flow through us and surrender to. The only way we will get to know the new you, the brand new you, is through the gift of being gentle with yourself. This should not be your goal, this should inspire the creativity in us all.

Those left behind are driven to exploit, to rage, to abuse, to strangle, and have run away in all their television-starved escapism to re-emerge, robbing us of genuine joy? The fluidity of life continues to happen without the fake news. Turn off the channels get out some books, playing cards and return to normal.

Passionate life is one we shall attain with courage and resoluteness, and we shall get on with it.  Do not get misled by nonsense stories.  Be wise, act with confidence and good will, do good to your family and country, a partner in making this a better nation.  A shout out to all health care workers on the front lines of this CoronaVirus war.

Enjoy these lines as I’ve done during the orchestration of my thoughts and ideas that I share with you.

Drifting Clouds, Windswept and Blow,, coronavirus, safety, covid-19, wuhan virus
Drifting Clouds

Windswept And Blow

  Vessels of heavenly medicine! may the breeze,
  Auspicious waft your dark green forms to shore;,
  Safe may ye stem the wide surrounding roar,
  Of the wild whirlwinds and the raging seas;,
  And oh! if Liberty e'er deigned to stoop,
  From yonder lowly throne her crownless brow,,
  Sure she will breathe around your emerald group,
  The fairest breezes of her West that blow.,
  Yes! she will waft ye to some freeborn soul,
  Whose eye-beam, kindling as it meets your freight,,
  Her heaven-born flame in suffering Earth will light,,
  Until its radiance gleams from pole to pole,,
  And tyrant-hearts with powerless envy burst,
  To see their night of ignorance dispersed.

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